baie des trésors
rhum de terroir
aoc martinique

the legend
baie des trésors

Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean, the hilly coastline of Martinique gradually takes shape. The steep cliffs of the Pointe de la Caravelle are battered by the ocean and reveal its volcanic past and the richness of its unspoilt wilderness.

The ocean hugs this rugged landscape, embracing the primary mangroves of Treasure Bay. A refuge for galleons during storms, a treasure is said to have been swallowed-up here. Nature is untouched here too.

Further on, the sugar cane fields of Tartane and Spoutourne overlook the bays of Galion and Trinité, followed by those of Beauséjour, Galion and Dufferet, which spread over the plains and hills along the Galion River.

It is here that a discreet colonial dwelling bears witness to the mysteries of time and inspires us to dream and imagine.

It is on these Galion terroirs, which have remained virtually untouched since the middle of the 19th century, that the desire to create an exceptional rum, a “wine of the tropics,” the unique expression of a specific parcel and vintage, was born.

Baie des Trésors was born.

one rum, one parcel,
a new approach

We approached this creation with no preconceived ideas of what our rums should be. We wrote down our specifications line by line, listening to our terroir, our history and the discoveries we continue to make as we progress and experiment.

We started from the infinitely small, from the raw material that we’ve been cultivating for 170 years and working the elements in our fields, to understanding the organoleptic properties of each parcel and variety of cane cultivated. This is how we selected the parcels that would best express the richness of our terroir when making our rums: the dry parcels of Micholo and Fond Basile in Spoutourne and the moist parcels of Morne Carrière and Brin Amour in Dufferet.

the bottle,
a glass case

We wanted to celebrate the richness of this terroir, its sensory strength, and its legends by engraving the contours of Treasure Bay in glass made using 100% recyclable glass that gives it a bluish tint. In the centre of this natural bottle, the name Baie des Trésors is engraved, as are the coordinates of the Treasure Bay at the bottom of the bottle. The stopper is made of 60% bagasse and completes this ensemble embodying our search for excellence and innovation, which is reflected in the quality and sustainability of our products and actions.